Train Pushes Wave Of Snow At People

6 abr 2020
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  • This was probably the best video of your channel this year

    Bruv MomentBruv MomentHace 6 meses
    • @Daily Dose Of Internet This is definitely going to you're best of daily dose of internet 2020

      Jerry VillanuevaJerry VillanuevaHace 12 días

      raven giancaraven giancaHace 23 días
    • OMG your soo lucky he replyed.

      Freshy BoyFreshy BoyHace un mes
    • Yo

      lil_dee123 YTlil_dee123 YTHace un mes
    • Yes yes and yes

      C RoleyC RoleyHace un mes
  • If only trains were on my island. (Vancouver Island)

    XanderXanderHace 11 horas
  • 2:51 queue Duck Tails - Moon Theme

    Phil LewisPhil LewisHace un día
  • 2:36 is that blood?

    Jad Jamal - EIS MYP 2Jad Jamal - EIS MYP 2Hace un día
  • Drink bottles is like be a magic or lol or technique

    The MYSTERIᗝUS Gírl _11MThe MYSTERIᗝUS Gírl _11MHace un día
  • Pretty easy to identify the soda by the shape of those bottles, tbh. He probably got the last one right less than 50% of the time because of the bottles being the same shape, that's why they all freaked out the time that he guessed it correctly.

    Wednesday AddamsWednesday AddamsHace un día
  • That dog is an amazing setter

    -кιтsυηε sкαтεs--кιтsυηε sкαтεs-Hace 2 días
  • That cat must be dedicated to his colection aint he?

    Kurt Reilley Casimsiman MercadoKurt Reilley Casimsiman MercadoHace 2 días
  • Cat said “hey hey hey hey here u go”

    ✖️Mobro✖️✖️Mobro✖️Hace 3 días
  • If that road surfer fell 😖😂🤷‍♀️

    Eden ManyikaEden ManyikaHace 3 días
  • Imagine walking into a house and seeing this 0:47

    Chance PearsonChance PearsonHace 3 días
  • 2:10 wTF

    Dragon SoulDragon SoulHace 3 días
  • Person: *Puts down slipper Cat: *I have mastered magic*

    MLBBMLBBHace 4 días
  • 0:20 when a nuke made out of snow explodes in front of u

  • Don't think I've seen this before, it's interesting enough. Thanks for sharing.

    Bobby TuckerBobby TuckerHace 5 días
  • 2:10 when you know it’s illegal

    Nunya BusnesNunya BusnesHace 5 días
  • 1:39 that dog plays better volleyball than me 😭😭😅😂

    Motita The BunnyMotita The BunnyHace 5 días
  • Always somethimg cute on this channel

    MerghMerghHace 7 días
  • 1:49 sum weak ass spikes 😂

  • Hence, proved...Cats are liquid.

  • How does the cat get out

  • The cat literally went meow meow

    Bobby FaragwayBobby FaragwayHace 10 días
  • “Cinders and ashes!” Thomas cried.

    Parrot's VideosParrot's VideosHace 10 días
    • Ahahaha! You remember that?

      Zara HumayunZara HumayunHace 8 días
  • Step One: See train pushing a massive bow wave of snow coming from a mile away. Step Two: Stay right where you are and take it full in the face. Step Three: Get laughed at on ESworld. Step Four: Profit???

    Colorme DubiousColorme DubiousHace 11 días
  • 3:17 my cluostrophobia said no

    Hamza Ibrahim da memerHamza Ibrahim da memerHace 11 días
  • 2:12 - 2:39 awww 100

    Heather FaheyHeather FaheyHace 11 días
  • That amtrak phase 3 heritage unit is hawt 🥵

    ConversionyConversionyHace 12 días
  • when people want to go skeeing but cant because of the pandemic

    Hayden VHayden VHace 12 días
  • 2:06 I’m really confused 🤨😂

    bbrezemez Edit-roblox-tutorialsbbrezemez Edit-roblox-tutorialsHace 12 días
  • ThAtS nOt VeRy NiCe

    VerdazVerdazHace 12 días
  • The flying doggo on a broom is awesome...someone said something about the human being edited is true u-u doggos do not need petty humans to work their magic...though cats need them for sacrifices :))

    Isabella BoswellIsabella BoswellHace 12 días
  • Me scrolling through the comments just chillin when I look up and see the dogo with the balloons tied to That’s never going to-Bruh

    Isabella BoswellIsabella BoswellHace 12 días
  • 2:06 look on the left side wow what a real video

    Chixl67Chixl67Hace 12 días
  • So this episode on tlc this cat likes to put its self into bowls

    Mr Juko YtMr Juko YtHace 13 días
  • I knew, that the cats are liquid.

    GamerGamerHace 14 días

    Holden_PlayzHolden_PlayzHace 15 días
    • Foamtrak

      ConversionyConversionyHace 12 días
  • 3:02 I think that lizard had way to much blue raspberry icee

    Taylor _FigaroTaylor _FigaroHace 16 días
  • u make me put a smile on my face

    NinjaMB_ YTNinjaMB_ YTHace 16 días
  • Slippers alarm *Meow,Meow,Meow,Meow,Meow!* = *Dont.Forget.To.Wear.Slippers!*

    M y r a z e v a n aM y r a z e v a n aHace 16 días
  • I live for boot cat

    Alien babyAlien babyHace 17 días

    Sinwol AstrologosSinwol AstrologosHace 17 días
  • 2:36 The cat is like: get the hell out of my house!

    kohei28kohei28Hace 17 días
  • 0:35 look it’s Harry potters dog!

    ••Amilaxii••••Amilaxii••Hace 18 días
  • 2:11 that is photoshop

    SlackyThe EpicGamerSlackyThe EpicGamerHace 18 días
  • The only channel of news that doesn’t clickbait

    TheWeird1sCoolTheWeird1sCoolHace 18 días
  • That lizard was acutlley a blue toughe

    Jett BradyJett BradyHace 18 días
  • OMG

    Tadd HawkerTadd HawkerHace 18 días
  • I loved that cat

    Zuraini SazariZuraini SazariHace 18 días
  • error 02:08

    Pedro ZipadoPedro ZipadoHace 19 días
  • he’s lying he’s not blind

    Edwin GonzalesEdwin GonzalesHace 19 días
  • 1:27 is not blind he is looking around and observing things

    VaporVaporHace 20 días
  • the dog plays volleyball better than me

    SohamSohamHace 20 días
  • If anyone says “did I ask” to these videos they should be exterminated

    Allen GardAllen GardHace 22 días
  • does the cat sufocate?

    Mellon on 0 pingMellon on 0 pingHace 22 días
  • At 1:58 the person who was water skiing was actually behind a green screen if you look closely.

    Uni and YenUni and YenHace 23 días
  • Dam. Im blind and certainly cant do that! The guy has mad skill!

    ghostghostHace 23 días
  • CaN wE jUsT ApPrEcIaTe HoW tHiS gUy NeVeR cLiCbAiTs Us?

    McDwayne C. TorralbaMcDwayne C. TorralbaHace 23 días
  • 3:07 that’s a blue tongue skink and threre NOT fun to get bit bye.....

    Mission GrinderMission GrinderHace 24 días
  • 2:17 The dogs brain: "im a pretty unicornnn :3"

    Nezuko ChanNezuko ChanHace 24 días
  • 2:16 I can’t I really can’t stop laughing😂😂😂

    Help me reach 1000 subs PlzHelp me reach 1000 subs PlzHace 24 días
  • I tried to scream, but my head was under snooowww

    Gacha _TeaGacha _TeaHace 24 días
  • 2:19 when my dog drinks to much beer

    Gail JeffersonGail JeffersonHace 24 días
  • So was this episode pretty much about flying dogs?🤣😂

    The Brick Dude StudiosThe Brick Dude StudiosHace 25 días
  • No disrespect but the blind guy might of been told to memorize all the bottles, that he’s getting in a order

    Dinozor夢Dinozor夢Hace 25 días
  • Is the snoot of that volleyball dog ok?

    TurqXDTurqXDHace 25 días
  • DDOI: With a little bit of editing magic, you can make your dreams come true! :) me minutes later: Dad?

    Trowa MisionaTrowa MisionaHace 26 días
  • I don’t follow the rules of lockdown

    Shanelle CShanelle CHace 27 días
  • That dog is the best Setter in Volleyball I've seen till now

    Arindam ChowdhuryArindam ChowdhuryHace 27 días
  • 2:06 yeah that activity was probably a dick move to drivers tbh

    xredstar303xxredstar303xHace 27 días
  • 2:27 Santa, I think you left your cat behind

    Reshmi RamachandranReshmi RamachandranHace 28 días
  • ESworld rewind

    Tea ForestTea ForestHace 28 días
  • 3:26 My only dream *HOOOOONNNNKKKK*

    Manny AbayaManny AbayaHace 28 días
  • 3:00 "I am doggy potter but i have balloons on my back" -Doggy Potter 2020

    家伙菜鸟家伙菜鸟Hace 29 días
  • I need that dog on my team

    TS LEGENDTS LEGENDHace 29 días
  • 1:59 that’s fake

    曾以為自己是蔥曾以為自己是蔥Hace 29 días
  • I look at him

    Barack ObamaBarack ObamaHace 29 días
  • at 10 mil ddoi needs to do a face reveal

    PlasticzGPlasticzGHace 29 días

    I RI RHace 29 días
  • Amtrak, they can clear the station platform but can't touch the railway. Sharp delineation of job duties. Typical government run "business". $50,000 to put a wheelchair space on car after pulling it back to the shed.

    echodelta9echodelta9Hace 29 días
  • Who notices how flat the snow is on the sides

    Blue DinoBlue DinoHace un mes
  • 2:27 the cats like, human your feet stink cover them, I can only carry one so you got to go get the other.

    Skywolves PlayzSkywolves PlayzHace un mes
  • 1:55 That dog must be an English Setter or an Irish Setter. Definitely a setter

    Ion YmousIon YmousHace un mes

    AxieAxieHace un mes
  • Aww cute doggo

    Maelys BenabenMaelys BenabenHace un mes
  • The dog that can play Vollyball should have broken it’s nose. VOLLEYBALLS 🏐 ARE VERY HARD U KNOW

    Keerthisan Pathmakeerthy Year 8Keerthisan Pathmakeerthy Year 8Hace un mes
  • The 3 worst natural disasters in history #3: Hindenburg #2: Titanic #1: Wave of Snow From train

    WapowahWapowahHace un mes
  • 1:40 even that dog can play better than me

    Jack ReedJack ReedHace un mes
  • The cat:No cold feet human stay warm

    •Sugar•Cone• The unicorn•Sugar•Cone• The unicornHace un mes
  • Imagine losing to a doggo

    Just a CatJust a CatHace un mes
  • The lizard be like 👁️👅👁️

    freddy the cockatoofreddy the cockatooHace un mes
  • This train thing reminds me of youtube rewind 2017

    Scuffed CamperScuffed CamperHace un mes
  • 2:00 reminds me of subway surfers

    Marlie AndersonMarlie AndersonHace un mes
  • The cat thinks that the slipper is their kitten

    aboopsheedoopaboopsheedoopHace un mes
  • The first one would be better if i have was there and i have a roman toy shield i would say "Guys get behind me i have a shield!"

    beanoskinglack beanosbeanoskinglack beanosHace un mes
  • 2:45 where is this? Beautiful landscape and shore

    Danny HernandezDanny HernandezHace un mes
  • That’s a really cut cat giving it’s owner shoes 😂

    Tham ChauTham ChauHace un mes
  • The thumbnail looked like they were being hit by a train.

    Travis ScottTravis ScottHace un mes
  • WaiT tHaTs NoT a SlLiPeR

  • 2:00 Florida men: Finally a worthy successor

    Aidan AAidan AHace un mes
  • 3:13 catfish

    NateR 1307NateR 1307Hace un mes