Psycho Bird Attacks Boy On Scooter

5 oct 2020
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  • You are not Australian if you haven't been swooped by a magpie.

    NaranciaNaranciaHace 16 días
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      AlwaysBuildingSomethingAlwaysBuildingSomethingHace 6 días
    • @1k subscribers without any videos? CHALLENGE I’m good ☺️

      Joyful TVJoyful TVHace 7 días
    • Here before 500 gang

      BiggieCheese1738BiggieCheese1738Hace 7 días
    • Haha yes

      RyanscottxDRyanscottxDHace 15 días
    • No sarcasm, this really is what happens around here.

      Mr. WhiskersMr. WhiskersHace 15 días
  • Big Mess To Clean with the *beans*

    Isaac NunexIsaac NunexHace 2 horas
  • Just slap that thing lol

    A guy with a messed up faceA guy with a messed up faceHace 3 horas
  • at the end of the video geico lizard lost his job

    Cash CrawleyCash CrawleyHace 4 horas
  • As an air rifle bird hunter it would be in my hunt list

    Taneya Das MandalTaneya Das MandalHace 4 horas
  • 0:55 my dad when the gas prices go down by 1 cent:

    corpse f4irycorpse f4iryHace 5 horas

  • "Here is a tiny wrinkly dog." "Thank you. Where and when can i pick him up?"

    PrometheusVPrometheusVHace 7 horas
  • This boy is traumatized by this bird lol

    ShitposterShitposterHace 7 horas
  • 2:30 me on a Monday morning when I have to go school

    Hope for AishaHope for AishaHace 8 horas
  • Us skateboarders thank that bird and it’s services

    Brayden GrimmerBrayden GrimmerHace 8 horas

    Pastel DawnPastel DawnHace 8 horas
  • Uses coolred rice, My mom, dont waste rice Me trys it Me gets grounded

    itz x boba xitz x boba xHace 9 horas
  • 0:56 what car is that?

    KeanoTubeKeanoTubeHace 10 horas
  • Newt:don't mind me just eating my fruit

    Haro ArtistryHaro ArtistryHace 10 horas
  • The magpie attack is actually no joke, they are know to pop eyeballs of kids...

    vytae9vytae9Hace 11 horas
  • 0:35 I'm 5'3 and I'm 12 but 10 and 6'2 my god hes gonna be the next shaq

    Happy FrogHappy FrogHace 11 horas
  • I can confirm magpies are extremely irritating

    BlizzaryBlizzaryHace 12 horas
  • Holy crap, that bus driver most likely thought that was a gunshot he heard.

    PixelFoundryPixelFoundryHace 12 horas
  • 1:10 *"I... Am..inevitable"*

    JurayJurayHace 12 horas
  • I laugh so hard when the bird is going crazy 😂

    Last_breathLast_breathHace 12 horas
  • 2:27 😱😱😱😱 OOOH A Q2B!!!!!

    Ramon FurusRamon FurusHace 15 horas
  • This is why I wear googlie eyes at the back of my helmet

    3 Roses3 RosesHace 15 horas
  • lmao at that 'kid' playing football pushing his own teammate for no reason

    WakishWakishHace 16 horas
  • Cool skill but rice takes a lot to be grown and farmers do not spend their time and energy just to become coloured rice and be wasted

    Rin ChawngthuRin ChawngthuHace 16 horas
  • Just imagine that bird goes after a afagnishtan veteran with PTSD

    Finn DeclanFinn DeclanHace 17 horas
  • Ok first what do they feed that kid. How is he already 6ft’2

    Yaseen ElkordyYaseen ElkordyHace 17 horas
  • That’s not a bird that’s a Pokémon. It’s using peck and you can see it’s very effective

    Yaseen ElkordyYaseen ElkordyHace 18 horas

    James TestorffJames TestorffHace 20 horas
  • 0:32 did the knife stab her?

    Ahnohn EubankAhnohn EubankHace 20 horas
  • Magpies live for 25 years so that means he’ll be swooped for another 25 years

    How To WoodworkHow To WoodworkHace 22 horas
  • Thats what that child gets for riding a bird scooter.

    American QuarterbackAmerican QuarterbackHace 22 horas
  • He prob didnt sleep for 3 days

    Noreldin SolimanNoreldin SolimanHace 23 horas
  • They belong to the mattres now

    𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖘𝖍𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖘𝖍Hace un día
  • Boy: getting attacked by a bird The camera man HA HA HA HA

    Minecraft GamerMinecraft GamerHace un día
  • 0:53 bruh really still got tackled 😂

    DataPugDataPugHace un día
  • Timmy just bitch slapped one of the children

    603_Subie603_SubieHace un día
  • The new angry birds game looks great

    XenomorphXenomorphHace un día
  • The magpie has baby's in the nast neer the sidewalk

    Zander HaworthZander HaworthHace un día
  • Kid is found Helicopter: I M M A F I R I N G M A L A S E R !

    MonsterXkILLMonsterXkILLHace un día
  • Gf: come over Him: its 1hour drive and im tired af Gf: my parents arent home tho.. Him: 0:54

    MonsterXkILLMonsterXkILLHace un día
  • 2:46

    Bilal RafiqueBilal RafiqueHace un día
  • I thought that bird was screaming

    CreeperJJCreeperJJHace un día
  • is no one gonna talk about the geico lizard at the end lol

    Po Po The BananaPo Po The BananaHace un día
  • The boys voice is louder than a sonic boom

    Burnt PotatoBurnt PotatoHace un día
  • what is this psycopathic bird doing lol

    MalfunctionalMalfunctionalHace un día
  • Lol the bird is like, "You foo! Be a man and get a skateboard!"

    Junu JeongJunu JeongHace un día
  • Hats what geico lizard eats on lunch brake

    it's Dannyit's DannyHace un día
  • Reads title. Me: First time?

    BluerThanBlue __BluerThanBlue __Hace 2 días
  • Love the title

    Flordia Man.2Flordia Man.2Hace 2 días
  • Why does the kid on the Scooter was Litterally Screaming at the top of his lungs. While the one in the bike was perfectly fine?

    PattykomoPattykomoHace 2 días
  • Seeing kids scream in fear is one of the best ways for me to relieve stress

    Mr ZidaMr ZidaHace 2 días
  • He pushed his own player down💀

    Adi ZamanAdi ZamanHace 2 días
  • When you don't do your Spanish lessons

    the best railfanner ever and that's methe best railfanner ever and that's meHace 2 días
  • when the ten year old pushed his own teammate i died😂😂

    J̸o̸s̸h̸ ᗩᑎIᗰᗴJ̸o̸s̸h̸ ᗩᑎIᗰᗴHace 2 días
  • *BREAKING NEWS* 2 PEOPLE GETS CRUSHED BY A BED 0:27 Me: Such a sad story Also me: T_T

    Leyann FormalesLeyann FormalesHace 2 días
  • Just hit the danm thing

    Magicgamer ZoneMagicgamer ZoneHace 2 días
  • 0:38 15 yrs white girls: He is?

    NESIAMA Omatseye Efejera JohnsonNESIAMA Omatseye Efejera JohnsonHace 2 días
  • Me when I see the mattress fall: le oof

    Tim WinebrennerTim WinebrennerHace 2 días
  • Poor kid

    Dart The NightlightDart The NightlightHace 2 días
  • Am I the only one who watches the vids and looks for the comment about those great vid clipsss. lmao.

    Reginne LarosaReginne LarosaHace 2 días
  • My family thinks this is bad because the dad should be helping the kid not recording and we saw I on the news

    Peter nelsonPeter nelsonHace 2 días
  • That is a girl on a bike by the way she go to my school

    Keira BAILKeira BAILHace 2 días
  • That kid that’s already 6 ft tall can’t play any sports without the refs demanding his birth certificate

    Kenley BarneyKenley BarneyHace 2 días
  • Daily dose of attacks for bird

    elmasRetrasadoelmasRetrasadoHace 2 días
  • 0:56 I Am Speed

    Chicken NuggetsChicken NuggetsHace 2 días
  • Skaters v.s. scooters

    Team DogeTeam DogeHace 2 días
  • 0:26 anyone else wondering if that girl literally stabbed herself??!! Sheesh

    Preston ChoiPreston ChoiHace 2 días
  • I’d throw hands with that bird just saying

    XDpastaboi YeetXDpastaboi YeetHace 2 días
  • 0:27 the bed: i like ya cut G

    London WaltonLondon WaltonHace 2 días
  • 1:34 I can't stop thinking that its Black Ops 1!

    Purple Guy The SlaughterPurple Guy The SlaughterHace 2 días
  • 0:55 *Me when my parents find out about my grades*

    XxGacha KlaraxXXxGacha KlaraxXHace 2 días
  • Why is the car not running at the same speed it was too fast like over like 100 milliseconds it made me laugh

    Adonay OrtizAdonay OrtizHace 2 días
  • 2:38 why is this me on roller skates

    Boston YarsulikBoston YarsulikHace 3 días
  • that boy was over reacting about a bird

    ScxtyScxtyHace 3 días
  • Can we just appreciate that he does the numb nail of his video first

    Brielle DelayBrielle DelayHace 3 días
  • 0:49 did he really pushed his teammate?!?!

    thonythonyHace 3 días
  • 0:55 superb

  • Someone needs to shoot that aggressive bird because I would

    Jeta Bowman BowmanJeta Bowman BowmanHace 3 días
  • 2:30 me at my alarm at 5 in the morning 😂

    Carson MayfieldCarson MayfieldHace 3 días
  • 2:25 LOL!!

    American 001American 001Hace 3 días
  • That kid definitely seen some scary things on that woods

    T- NaPieT- NaPieHace 3 días
  • The bird is me when my brother takes my iPad while I was playing Roblox

    Gacha HawaGacha HawaHace 3 días
  • its the wrinkly dog for me 😌

    Jacob HernandezJacob HernandezHace 3 días
  • Why ur 10 and still taller than my dad

    K KaK KaHace 3 días
  • Me, living in Australia; *eh, we used to it, m8. Get over it, have some vegimite.*

    DizzyWolf_RblxDizzyWolf_RblxHace 3 días
  • Bro that’s every sidewalk in Australia during swooping season, and I know that because I am australian

    ExzellExzellHace 3 días
  • Hmm How12380

    Lora RobertsonLora RobertsonHace 3 días
  • The rice art was impressive

    Liz MillerLiz MillerHace 3 días
  • Wonder whos cleaing up all that rice

    Charlie ChewCharlie ChewHace 3 días
  • 10 year old : is 6,4 everyone: thats illegal

    AreaAreaHace 3 días
  • 2:24 sounds like a gun shot

    Aric JacobAric JacobHace 3 días
  • This guys voice sounds familiar. Is this leafy

    Spencer GSpencer GHace 3 días
  • 0:27 OMG XDDDD

    R JR JHace 3 días
  • The “Kid”:Little do they know I’m 28 with 5 kids and 3 baby mommas 😌

    Quarterback DmanQuarterback DmanHace 3 días
  • That is swooping

    Corbin FletcherCorbin FletcherHace 3 días
  • the title doe

    Zak’s crazy VideosZak’s crazy VideosHace 3 días
  • btw the wrinkley dog is a sharpea

    saphire shark 879saphire shark 879Hace 3 días
  • I wish that was my brother on the scooter

    N KN KHace 3 días
  • 0:57 * 𝗲𝘅𝗶𝘀𝘁𝘀 * 𝗠𝗲: 𝗔𝗵 𝘆𝗲𝘀, 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝘄𝗵𝘆 𝗜 𝗰𝗮𝗻𝘁 𝘀𝗹𝗲𝗲𝗽 𝗮𝘁 𝗻𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁

    Miko MirkoMiko MirkoHace 3 días