Japan Builds Giant 18 Meter Tall Robot

28 sep 2020
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Cat Food: esworld.info/do/kqamlnSobqHMhac/v-deo.html
Building: My sister filmed the video footage :)
Rest Of The Videos: esworld.info/rock/dkQzfvvGV5BdVmsPUNi4Dw
Relax by Markvard soundcloud.com/markvard
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  • Japan will now take over the world

    Dead ChannelDead ChannelHace 23 días
    • Dead Channel nope

      Alex CarusoAlex CarusoHace 21 un día
    • Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin : Bruh. You wish.😂

      Queen HelaQueen HelaHace 22 días
    • E

      Subscribe to my Dog for no reasonSubscribe to my Dog for no reasonHace 22 días
    • E

      Subscribe to my Dog for no reasonSubscribe to my Dog for no reasonHace 22 días
    • They really could

      Amaar HusseinAmaar HusseinHace 22 días
  • thats a gundam they sometime us it of the militray

    Preston NgoPreston NgoHace 11 minutos
  • Is it me or those the big robot looked CGI?

    Alfonso GallardoAlfonso GallardoHace 28 minutos
  • Rip to the officers spine

    Happy TatertotHappy TatertotHace un hora
  • That kids toy is gonna be what real police cars look like after the Communists defund the police.

    Jackie FrankJackie FrankHace 2 horas
  • Japan is living in 5024

    Little timmys FishLittle timmys FishHace 2 horas
  • Japan probably have the best amusement parks.

    SymphuzicSymphuzicHace 2 horas

    NuggetNuggetHace 2 horas
  • * angel thesis music plays *

    Obscure AnomalyObscure AnomalyHace 4 horas
  • " angel thesis music plays "

    ArturArturHace 4 horas
  • *Every SciFi movie with sentient robots:* "Humans will never accept robots or treat them nicely!" *Actual Humans to actual creepy 4legged robot:* "Hello friend! I love you!"

    MichelleMichelleHace 5 horas
  • 3:10 Me playing Death Stranding and watching vids: oooooohhh shittttt

    The PoolminatorThe PoolminatorHace 7 horas
  • Cool so we have a Gundam now. Let's build Mechagodzilla next!

    Jurassiczilla2000Jurassiczilla2000Hace 8 horas
  • That's not a rainbow, that's the bifrost..... Someone earned their place in Valhalla.

    The Mother Of GodThe Mother Of GodHace 8 horas
  • Normal People: **Walks** John Wick: 0:55

    Aljon GellidoAljon GellidoHace 9 horas
  • “What’s going on, huh?” “EAA-“

    Jason Did ItJason Did ItHace 9 horas
  • First it will come for mutants. Then it will come for you

    Ganda GandaraGanda GandaraHace 9 horas
  • First it will come for mutants. Then it will come for you

    Ganda GandaraGanda GandaraHace 9 horas
  • 1:56 that's a Necromonger spaceship

    Ganda GandaraGanda GandaraHace 9 horas
  • 0:42 Highland County, Ohio

    John 1984John 1984Hace 9 horas
  • That social distancing robot gives me a deep, primal fear I cannot fully understand.

    The Slippery NoodleThe Slippery NoodleHace 9 horas
  • been watching your videos for years keep it up man enjoyed every-single one

    Vick MaudlinVick MaudlinHace 10 horas
  • Just for fun

    GMK XGMK XHace 11 horas
  • Plot Twist: That Gundam will later be a Rabbit

    青山ぎんべ青山ぎんべHace 12 horas
  • It’s the Lesbian Pride rainbow! :D

    Undead BanUndead BanHace 12 horas
  • Funny story til the first kaiju hits.

    Leo AlexanderLeo AlexanderHace 13 horas

    Trndd3Trndd3Hace 13 horas
  • Soon enough there’ll be a Liberty Prime running around.

    FitzcarinFitzcarinHace 14 horas
  • Imagine what they are gonna do with it since it’s 2020

    X0NIXX0NIXHace 17 horas
  • 0:55 that leap tho.

    pinkpinkHace 17 horas
  • wow. 60 feet.

    Joseph ProvinoJoseph ProvinoHace 18 horas
  • Plot twist: The robot is actually a kids toy that accidentally ended up in a lab and a scientist accidentally put an enlarging formula onto the robot and accidentally turned the robot on and the robot accidentally ended up in a city.

    Deborah AmanzoDeborah AmanzoHace 18 horas
  • That robot reminds me of the jagars in pacific rim anyone else?

    RazorWolfPlayzRazorWolfPlayzHace 18 horas
  • Stop.

    bacon _bacon _Hace 18 horas
  • Lol @ the cops heroic leap 😂

    TheBlaggertTheBlaggertHace 19 horas
  • Move over China Japan is here

    Stranger starStranger starHace 19 horas
  • I'll stop making fun of weebs and become one myself

    KeRon Morey JrKeRon Morey JrHace 20 horas

    James TestorffJames TestorffHace 20 horas
  • The new toddler go karts🤣😂

    Henry RossHenry RossHace 22 horas
  • The world: Be safe, there is a pandemic Japan: GO GO POWER RANGERS

    RCN RavenRCN RavenHace 23 horas
  • Americans after building the tower *we made it! Terrorism is no more*

    Omar El TayarOmar El TayarHace un día
  • Did that bird give birth to a ball from its mouth?

    Bario - GDBario - GDHace un día
  • 1:20 looks like the biomechanicals from Epix's War of the Worlds

    Steady BettieSteady BettieHace un día
  • Oh my god it's an IRL titan from aot

    SxmplyymimiSxmplyymimiHace un día
  • lol my profile pic is a gundam

    Shiloh TeShiloh TeHace un día
  • Officers dive is epic

    crude unboxing tashigyaltsencrude unboxing tashigyaltsenHace un día
  • Thank god this isn’t clickbait

    Polar BearPolar BearHace un día
  • Da cat: HAM? Da hooman: so cute 😍

    that one animatorthat one animatorHace un día
  • That building is where the men in black live

    Mr0alMr0alHace un día
  • That Mushroom is an decendent of a jellyfish

    Sohan GandraSohan GandraHace un día
  • that police officer, he protecc he attacc but most importantly, *he can break his bacc*

  • *just for fun*

    CryptoCryptoHace un día
  • Pacific rim

    Benjamin YeeBenjamin YeeHace un día
  • One step closer to the Shogun Executioner.

    Hussam QHussam QHace un día
  • World Nope robot for Nothing yes

    ウィリアムウィリアムHace un día
  • Damn that is so badass

    Nature ImposterNature ImposterHace un día
  • Everyone : japan gonna get world most powerful..... Me : thats the robot from movie steel troops NoBiTa DoReMoN

    Multi stuff studioMulti stuff studioHace un día
  • Me : omg is that a giant robot? *Sad barbatos lupus rex noises* The meaning of this is the persons do not know the name of BLR

    jeyelle serranojeyelle serranoHace un día
  • I remember seeing the 18 meter tall robot and it scared the HECK OUT OF MEH


    Leo VillanuevaLeo VillanuevaHace un día
  • She won’t love that robot dog when the government have packs of them on street corners armed to the teeth.

    Adam HartAdam HartHace un día

    BuddyBuddyHace un día
  • Ayeee nice rainbow!!

    salo garciasalo garciaHace un día
  • In future, archeologist will conclude Transformers landed on earth

    Shwetank shekharShwetank shekharHace un día
  • *forget getting a job i wanna be a gundam pilot*

    -generally_unhappy--generally_unhappy-Hace un día
  • Major plot twist:Japan is filming a new Gundam movie.

    CodyRyan SantosCodyRyan SantosHace un día
  • theyve done it japan im proude you made anima real

    Ibrahimorsomthing??? #-#Ibrahimorsomthing??? #-#Hace un día
  • The cop should’ve gone around the rail also and then jump down and drop kick tf out of him. Better than cracking his head on the rail.

    Eric VelaEric VelaHace un día
  • Ok but how tf is that robot moving so smoothly?!?!

    ishitaishitaHace un día
  • Legends says that the officer is still sliding down the stairs

  • That's awesome and one of the coolest things i saw the robot

    Ilgar OrscekIlgar OrscekHace un día
  • Out of all the things they would do with that robot dog they tik toked it But why though?

    Julian ServantesJulian ServantesHace un día
  • its all fun and games until the robot falls over

    fares321fares321Hace un día
  • Wait the dude actually got away?!?! I like how the last cop carefully grabs the rials to go down the steps

    Mando BallMando BallHace un día
  • My mushroom often releases its spores at night too.

    Date MasamuneDate MasamuneHace un día
  • 2:48 that footage is from our country philippines

    Justine_ski_ DayonoJustine_ski_ DayonoHace un día
  • This reminds me of Liberty Prime from Fallout 3

    dr dweebdr dweebHace un día
  • Japan: we will all agree to use many resources on a robot with no planned purpose Everywhere else: let’s agree to disagree

    Sarah ChenSarah ChenHace un día
  • Ohhhh it’s Gundam! Nice done Japan!! 🎉

    Ang CAng CHace un día
  • Japan prepping for Godzilla

    kanebenlen _kanebenlen _Hace un día
  • "Um yes...we built it for fun. Of course." *looks at countdown* *sweats nervously*

    Phil LewisPhil LewisHace un día
  • He lives in Lesle illinois

    TTV SydeczTTV SydeczHace un día
  • Japan that is very cool. My question is can u drive it from the inside

    Adedotun OwoseniAdedotun OwoseniHace un día
  • Next stop: Jaegars.

    Paul GibsonPaul GibsonHace 2 días
  • 0:56 that’s dedication to the job right there

    Jarno DatemaJarno DatemaHace 2 días
  • I thik he wants to hokage?

    Dierty DerDierty DerHace 2 días
  • *When Fortnite comes to life*

    Team ExellTeam ExellHace 2 días
  • Has the government been hiding the principality of Zeon all this time?

    Mimn ShoMimn ShoHace 2 días
  • Try puting a kid in The car den solon gey bowser bowser=kid

    Linus HofgrenLinus HofgrenHace 2 días
  • Pacific rim x titanfall

    SOSASOSAHace 2 días
  • Video: giant robot in japan! Me: is that a mcdonald's sign??

    xlGoldenlxxlGoldenlxHace 2 días
  • I choose the form of Gundam Breaker-Deito Ready Player 1

    Dana OliverDana OliverHace 2 días
  • My man jumped onto stairs just to try stop someone

    Magicgamer ZoneMagicgamer ZoneHace 2 días
  • were are my fello weebs at

    miguel huffmanmiguel huffmanHace 2 días
  • But can the robot flip off

    Mini CyanMini CyanHace 2 días
  • It's all fun and games, Tell an evangelion shows up

    BootlegBoiBootlegBoiHace 2 días
  • youre right, that IS a cool rainbow!

    KigutKigutHace 2 días
  • I dont think the gas powered car is safe for a child to sit in

    Destiny JamesDestiny JamesHace 2 días
  • Man I don’t care about the guy getting caught is that officer OK?

    Prismatic GamerPrismatic GamerHace 2 días
  • This is just the power ranger robot

    The Science WizardThe Science WizardHace 2 días