What Your Sweat Looks Like Up Close

17 sep 2020
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  • That lady who got spit on, didn’t even try to wipe it off. She just accepted her fate.

    Off the WallOff the WallHace un mes
    • She couldn’t wipe it off she had to wipe it off when she got home

      Niah MNiah MHace 7 días
    • Yessssss!

      Mohammad HossainMohammad HossainHace 9 días
    • lol

      Deha ApraweDeha ApraweHace 10 días
    • Lol

      hey it's justin sosahey it's justin sosaHace 10 días

      Andrea Mari BuencaminoAndrea Mari BuencaminoHace 11 días
  • Not me seeing if ny fingers are sweaty or not 💀

    Carissa FallonCarissa FallonHace 2 horas
  • The sweat made me cry

    Nsty PhoenixNsty PhoenixHace 2 horas
  • Sweats on fingers... Thats a problem. Its causing my phone screen to move on its own

    RedskullRedskullHace 3 horas
  • the cats dead, not asleep....

    TTV AXLR88TTV AXLR88Hace 6 horas

    ?sxnset glitch¿?sxnset glitch¿Hace 8 horas
  • I just witness a whole comment section fighting about religions and the comment was about a cat.. *literally*

    sumsumHace 14 horas
  • the sweat up close is kinda disturbing

    noricalnoricalHace 17 horas
  • javier Ik ur gunna see this comment so say hi when u see it even tho I'm right next to u

    Javier MenaJavier MenaHace 18 horas
  • What if that the jellyfish discovered was really the one and only saviour to mankind?

    ᖇEᗪ ᐯEᒪᐯET Iᑌ ᔕEᐯEᑎTEEᑎᖇEᗪ ᐯEᒪᐯET Iᑌ ᔕEᐯEᑎTEEᑎHace 18 horas
  • 1:18 every criminal watching this: hmm...𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜

    Ethan GermondEthan GermondHace 20 horas
  • Well I'm not sweating anymore. That's weird.

    Kiraro The KitsuneKiraro The KitsuneHace 21 un hora
  • 2:34 spittin bars

    wayamationswayamationsHace 23 horas
  • 1:19 What if I get locked inside my truck? True Story: My dad bought a used pickup truck for work, and the handles from both doors on the inside were broken. The only way to open the door is when you have the keys in the ignition and lowering the windows to open the door from the handles of the outside. Since the truck was fairly new to me, I didn't know which of the keys we had on our key hanger was the one for the truck. I only saw one I didn't recognized and thought it was that one. Well I went inside the truck one morning to get food, closed the door, and tried to put the keys in the ignition. To my surprise, it wasn't the right keys, so I was stuck inside the truck on a hot morning. Luckily I had my phone, and had to call my mom to come rescue me by opening the unlocked door of the truck. I waited for about 25 minutes, ashamed, and embarrassed. In that silent morning, I heard a noise to my right, and I swear that there was a squirrel that was on top of our fence staring at me, and it sounded like it was laughing at my situation. By the time my mom got there, she stared at me for a few seconds, smirking at me, with the look that said, "Are you forreal right now?" before opening the door. The End. Off topic fact: I refer to myself as "The Squirrel" as a joke because of my gamertag on xbox, so you wouldn't believe how betrayed I felt when that squirrel stared and did nothing but laugh at me

    Adrian GonzalezAdrian GonzalezHace 23 horas
  • Robbers be like: So all i need is a shoe lace this whole time.

    Bella TBella THace 23 horas
  • dude u have the best channel on youtube

    Jarnick NieuwenhuisJarnick NieuwenhuisHace un día
  • now people are gonna know how to rob cars even better-

    • Clowni •• Clowni •Hace un día
  • the jellyfish has built in rgb

    nullnullHace un día
  • 🤮

    Jill ErmerJill ErmerHace un día
  • I just got figured out how to get in any car hehehe

    Azahria JohnsonAzahria JohnsonHace un día
  • Why isn't anyone talking about how 1:21 is kind of a dangerous thing to share? I wonder how many cars have been broken into and hotwired this way?

    Jwen7836Jwen7836Hace un día
  • Ew.

    • Pxige •• Pxige •Hace un día
  • 2:34 Motorized kissing machine Where's the button to invest

    phudphudHace un día
  • Why didn’t he show Africa’s air quality 😱🙄

    Thema MabuzaThema MabuzaHace un día
  • I hate spiders but that one is kinda cute

    -кιтsυηε sкαтεs--кιтsυηε sкαтεs-Hace un día
  • Can we all admit that that spider was cute ฅ( ˙ ꒳ ˙ ฅ)

    D BlockheadD BlockheadHace un día
  • 1:25 . That only works with crap cars.

    neoperseusneoperseusHace un día
  • "Wanna see a little dog burp?" Me:hell yeah.

    SansSansHace un día
  • Its making ME sweat

    Rheana GalangRheana GalangHace un día
  • What breed is the spider 0:55

    SaykSaykHace un día
  • That jellyfish is called a comb jelly

    Snipez GotchyaSnipez GotchyaHace un día

    Samuel RecklingSamuel RecklingHace un día
  • Not gonna lie for me a person that’s is scared of a bunch of holes all together the first one kind of creeped me out with how it looked like holes but it was cool

    Naiku SakiroNaiku SakiroHace 2 días
  • 1:20 ye it aint his car

    De teye Video’sDe teye Video’sHace 2 días
  • I don't know why but my fingers started sweating

    perry dela peñaperry dela peñaHace 2 días
  • Is nobody gonna talk about how cute that little spider is with it's owner?

    Agent F4ZAgent F4ZHace 2 días
  • That spider is the cutest thing in the world

    ShitposterShitposterHace 2 días
  • Aaaaawwwwww the baby spider is sooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee

    ົཽHikari pasuteົཽHikari pasuteHace 2 días
  • 1:49 is the moment when some girl show me some emotion

    P m ShanmughanP m ShanmughanHace 2 días
  • That spider is a real life lucas lol

    Rai UvevevRai UvevevHace 2 días
  • "Watching this" My hands: im wet

    J Plays CODMJ Plays CODMHace 2 días
  • 1:25 Criminals: *interesting*

    Nino Alexaner BarredoNino Alexaner BarredoHace 2 días
  • Him: you wanna see a little dog burp? Me: you know it😌

    Sulekha AwasthiSulekha AwasthiHace 2 días
  • No wonder I’m always so damn thirsty, body using it all to cool down

    Bonk c:Bonk c:Hace 2 días
  • awww what a cute bear cub. . . until it chomps off your hand

    Kate QuinnKate QuinnHace 2 días
  • "Here's how to unlock a car from the outside using a shoelace" Car Jackers: *Interesting*

    DKrazyDKrazyHace 2 días
  • Did he just tell us how to hijack a car

    OffChartedOffChartedHace 2 días
  • That unlocking car mechanism is Key for robbers.

    Isabel ZIsabel ZHace 3 días
  • Why is the bear treating that guys hand like corn-on-the-cob?

    •latte bear••latte bear•Hace 3 días
  • Is it just me or does it feel like the finger time-lapse is SO SATISFYING like we need more good videos like these

    Simrah IslamSimrah IslamHace 3 días
  • The spider is strangely adorable. And that's coming from a person with Arachnophobia

    that one animatorthat one animatorHace 3 días
  • Why is no one talking bout the LED jellyfish 😳

    CBT_RatCBT_RatHace 3 días
  • I’m a water vender

    Sassy BellsSassy BellsHace 3 días
  • 1:28 thieves: oh thankyou mah man

    Par KingPar KingHace 3 días
  • Meanwhile watching this video with sweaty hands

    H JH JHace 3 días

    St.Angella of StupidnessSt.Angella of StupidnessHace 3 días
  • Me trying to talk to a girl be like 0:07

    Marc VollrathMarc VollrathHace 3 días
  • Some newer cars dont have that lock out in the open they have a small light that and it can only unlock from the outside if the keys are nearby

    Derek FreitDerek FreitHace 3 días
  • Yall know he just tought us how to steal a care right?!

    Ysg_mya CDYsg_mya CDHace 3 días
  • Who also blink1:54

    ChillyEDDIE CChillyEDDIE CHace 4 días
  • Water...it looks like water.

    Orient ProspectOrient ProspectHace 4 días
  • Guy:has a pet spider **it goes missing** Guy:*dosent wear socks* *feels like he stepped on something small and squicy* Guy:oh no

    Keira YoshekageKeira YoshekageHace 4 días

    Ellie LubuwEllie LubuwHace 4 días
  • Bear eating hand ASMR

    Corbin ParsonsCorbin ParsonsHace 4 días
  • Only tryphophobics can relate

  • The car shoelace one will make you look like a criminal

    calista cccalista ccHace 4 días
  • 1:22 *Robbers will remember that*

    Global GamingGlobal GamingHace 4 días
  • me when playing smash bros 0:00

    Adian LewellingAdian LewellingHace 4 días
  • I knew I was a plant 😎

    LastreverseLastreverseHace 4 días
  • It looks like little tiny pimples

  • 3:05 Sure it's cool but... Isn't it unusually fast? 😶

    BTS Paved The WayBTS Paved The WayHace 5 días
  • Thats Lucas The Spider Rigth THERE

    Nobody KnowsNobody KnowsHace 5 días
  • 1:20

    Asia McCallAsia McCallHace 5 días

    adri & kennediadri & kennediHace 5 días
  • That jellyfish looked like something from subnautica

    Pizza timePizza timeHace 5 días
    • Isn't really a jellyfish, but a comb jelly. They are from a different phylla.

      João Pedro de Oliveira BastidesJoão Pedro de Oliveira BastidesHace 3 días

    Quarterback DmanQuarterback DmanHace 5 días
  • DDOI: here's a cool trick on how to get back into your car if you locked yourself out. Robbers: Interesting!

    Discount DiscoDiscount DiscoHace 5 días
  • Jellyfish has rgb now

    リックロール Iリックロール IHace 5 días
  • I wish all spiders were like that

    TeamAT 2k04TeamAT 2k04Hace 6 días
  • This video didn’t only just teach me how to get in my car when I got locked out of it but now I can use this trick on other peoples car lol

    PigeonPigeonHace 6 días
  • The car opening technique gave robbers *IQ 100*

    Kaiser Playz RBLXKaiser Playz RBLXHace 6 días
  • I love that jumping spider

    Celia SantanaCelia SantanaHace 6 días
  • The way sweat develops is like when you put play doh through that thing and it pushes it out on little strands

    DimplyBrush 3500DimplyBrush 3500Hace 6 días
  • Dude know people are going to steal your car lol 1:21

    Xane EXane EHace 6 días
  • Criminals after watching the car shoelace hack: ITS SHOWTIME

    DubbyDubbyHace 7 días
    • God oh. my.*god*

      Sans ComicSans ComicHace 4 horas
    • @God god ur everywhere. Praise the god

      InkPea_1069InkPea_1069Hace un día
    • Ikr lol

      GodGodHace 4 días
  • bro is it just me or is that spider lowkey kinda cute

    yeeticeyeeticeHace 7 días
  • Me:*sees the sweat* Also me: *Okay,can I die now?*

    Jenny SydenstrickerJenny SydenstrickerHace 7 días
  • I like the guys sound

    Utsman atsauriUtsman atsauriHace 7 días
  • salem looks like witches summoned satan.. Oh wait

    Longson FullmetalLongson FullmetalHace 7 días

    Mint .Mint .Hace 7 días
  • 3:05 that's a gamer jellyfish

    Dhyan ModiDhyan ModiHace 7 días
  • Im not dislexic but for a second I though his shirt said LONG DICK 😂 1:41

    Mynem EsjeffMynem EsjeffHace 7 días
  • It's me! Again!

    sponge bobsponge bobHace 7 días
  • Thanks for giving criminals an idea

    Aldo ResendizAldo ResendizHace 7 días
  • “Whitney you are not helping this situation” should be made into a meme

    Patrick McMahonPatrick McMahonHace 7 días
    • Your right

      My sleep track is MetalMy sleep track is MetalHace 2 días
  • Can somebody link that pollution website?

    Bat ManBat ManHace 8 días
  • some spiders are cute :)

    Santiago Del CastilloSantiago Del CastilloHace 8 días
  • What is that website that you can see air quality

    Anexory_PlayzAnexory_PlayzHace 8 días
  • 1:44 Thanks ALOT !!!!! Know robbers can get in my car

  • Nobody : Everyone trying out that one kid's glasses : 0:07

    suspicious ducksuspicious duckHace 8 días